Many modern-day health problems can be solved simply by increasing your activity levels. DirectLife helps you do that, by putting you in control of your weight, fitness and long term health.

Less than half the US population meet the US National guideline of a minimum 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five times per week. Lack of time or availability of fitness facilities, cost of gym membership, the wrong type of weather and dislike of vigorous exercise are just a few of the reasons we aren’t as active as we should be.

All this, combined with modern conveniences, means it’s harder than ever to find the right balance. DirectLife is the innovative, practical solution that works in harmony with your daily life giving you the support you need to do what’s best for your body and mind.

Lose weight

Use DirectLife to become more active so you get fitter, healthier and successfully manage weight as you burn extra calories. Monitor how your weight changes over time and relate this to your activity levels. This simple, sustainable approach to losing weight is aimed at helping you both lose weight and keep it off.

Stay healthy

DirectLife improves fitness by helping you become more active in your everyday life. This healthy approach to fitness:

  • tackles tiredness
  • leaves you with more energy to enjoy time with family and friends
  • helps improve your performance at work
Stay healthy

DirectLife sets you on the path to a healthier body by increasing your activity levels. During the 12 week program you achieve a sustainable change in your behavior. And ss you become fitter, your risk of lifestyle-induced illness and disease is reduced so you can look forward to a fuller, healthier life.