Lose weight

DirectLife benefits

Being able to manage weight successfully is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Not just because of the boost your self esteem gets when you fit into that dress you haven’t worn for years or manage to buckle your belt a notch tighter, but because your long term health benefits enormously when you maintain a healthy weight and BMI (Body Mass Index).

Weight loss and how to get slim are topics which are rarely out of the news. We are continually bombarded with advice on how to burn fat, get a flat stomach and be in shape for a beach vacation. But many well-known weight loss programs are only designed for short term success. The real trick to losing weight and keeping it off lies in reversing the bad habits that led to gaining it in the first place.

Modern living has become so convenient that we are much less active than we should be, and that’s a major reason why we become overweight. Although our daily lives are filled with chances to be more active and burn off excess calories, we’re not very good at seizing these opportunities. 

DirectLife teaches you to recognize every calorie burning opportunity and provides you with the motivation and tools to act upon it. Direct Life’s cutting edge technology, convenient My weight section and real life personal coach help you become and stay more active. You benefit from accelerated weight loss and the ability to maintain your weight in the long term.