Track your weight

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In life, everything is about balance. The same applies when trying to maintain, lose or gain weight. Food is an energy and a means of fuel for the body.

A person's weight is determined by the balance between the amount of food and drink consumed and the amount of calories burned (or energy burned).

Calories are burned in two ways. One is through activity (as tracked with the DirectLife Activity Monitor), and the other is through standard body processes (like breathing, food digestion and sleeping)*.

When food and drink intake is in balance with calories burned, your weight remains stable. When you burn more calories than taken in, you lose weight and vice versa. 

It's important to find the right balance between the energy (calories) you take in and the energy you burn on a daily basis. DirectLife's personalized website contains a My weight section, where you can track how your weight changes over time.

Just fill out your weight, your target and your timeline. Weigh yourself once a week, update the My weight section and see how your weight changes relate to your activity levels.

* This is commonly referred to as your Basic Metabolic Rate (or resting energy expenditure). This number varies depending on weight, height, body type and muscle mass.