Frequently Asked Questions

Buying DirectLife

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What do I get when I buy a DirectLife Program?

The DirectLife Program includes the Activity Monitor and a one year subscription. The Activity Monitor comes with a necklace and pouch which allows you to wear the Activity Monitor the way you prefer. Also a USB connector to upload your activity data to your computer is included. The one year subscription gives you unlimited access to your secured personalized website where you can view your stats and your own personal coach is available for support and advice via email.

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What happens with my subscription after one year?

Your DirectLife subscription will expire. We will not automatically renew your subscription. You will receive an offer to extend your membership by email. If you choose not to do that your activity monitor will keep working. Your personal coach will switch off and your web access will be limited to your today and yesterdays activity scores. This means you can keep using DirectLife to track your activity against your goals but you can no longer get coaching advice or use some of the more advanced online features.

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What exactly is the DirectLife Deal?

You can join the DirectLife activity program today. Buy your DirectLife program for only $199. No contract, no monthly subscription.  It's that easy.

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Can I buy DirectLife as a gift?

DirectLife is a great product to give to your friends, family, or business contacts. You can order as many as you like. Each DirectLife program is only $199, no subscription, no contract.

Each DirectLife package contains a promotion code which the recipient must use to create his or her own DirectLife account. After that he or she can set up a personal profile and activate the Activity Monitor.

It is possible to enter a different shipping address other than your own so your DirectLife gift will be delivered directly to the person.

Please note that your complete order will be shipped to the provided shipping address. It is not possible to have one order sent to multiple addresses.

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What is the shipping time?

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours after payment is received (excl. weekends) and the estimated shipping time of your DirectLife package(s) is normally 3-5 working days. However, due to postal delays it can sometimes take a little longer.

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What is the return policy?

If you have ordered a DirectLife package and wish to return it for any reason, you may return the product to Philips for a refund within 7 business days after the date you received the DirectLife package(s). Please inform Philips (by sending an e-mail to of your request to return the Product and request a refund. Philips will send you instructions on how to return the product(s).

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The DirectLife program

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What will I get from DirectLife?

DirectLife gradually increases your activity levels over time. We want to bring you to a level of permanent regular activity. It is all about sustainability.

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Will DirectLife help me lose weight?

DirectLife helps you to achieve and maintain an active lifestyle. Physical activity is beneficial to weight loss. When you have reached your target weight, DirectLife helps you stay active and that helps prevent weight gain.

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What is the Assessment period?

To set up your Personal Activity Plan, your current activity levels will be measured for seven days. In this phase, do not try to increase your physical activities. Just behave as you normally would in order to provide us with the correct picture of your current activity level.

In order to avoid influencing your behavior, you will find that no readings or data will be available during the first week in your personalized webpage.

Do not worry if you forget to wear your Activity Monitor for a day or two during this period. Only days where activity is recorded will be computed towards the final assessment. It is better to skip one complete day than to wear your Activity Monitor for only a few hours in that day. You may be asked to repeat your assessment if too little data was collected

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How long does it usually take before the program has its effect?

We help you step-by-step, to become more active and then to maintain this new activity level. If you would like to become even more active you can do another plan.

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Who should use DirectLife?

DirectLife is for anybody who wants to improve his or her fitness. It is not about going to the gym. It’s about learning how to gradually increase your activity level within your daily routine. It has been scientifically proven that increased activity has positive health outcomes.

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I am already very active, is DirectLife for me?

The program will help you discern how active your are in daily life - and you may be surprised at what you find! Sitting down for too long, despite how active you are, has a negative health effect. By tracking your activity, you'll know when you need to modify your regular routine just slightly so that you can sustain your healty lifestyle.

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Can I keep track of my activity during my holiday?

The DirectLife monitor is a great way to keep track of your activity during the holidays. Under normal circumstances your battery will last up to two weeks. You can dock on your return at home and it will have stored your activity. Remember, your Activity Monitor is also waterproof up to 3 meters deep.

If you plan to go on holidays for a longer period you will have to recharge the battery during your holiday. Any universal USB charger can be used to recharge your Activity Monitor.

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What is my personalized website?

Your personalized website shows your activity by program (twelve-week blocks), by year, by month and by hour. To have a clear picture of your achievement connect your Activity Monitor regularly. Your personalized website illustrates a step-by-step plan to increase your activity target.

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What is My community?

My community is a new feature for Directlife members. This feature allows members to reach out to each other and communicate with each other. They can compare goals, motivate each other by sharing tips and ideas and create Teams together.

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What is Activity naming?

Activity naming is a new feature in Directlife. With Activity naming you can interact with your activity data, naming what you were doing during a certain interval which will adjust your score for that timeslot.

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What is My weight?

When you become a DirectLife member, you get access to a personalized website where you can view your (history of) activity levels, your personal plan and My community.

The personalized website also contains a My weight section, where you can track how your weight changes over time. Fill out your weight, your target and your timeline. Weigh yourself once a week, update the My weight section and see how your weight changes relate to your activity levels.

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How is my weight related to my activity?

A person's weight is determined by the balance between amount of food and drink consumed and the amount of calories burned (or energy burned).

Calories are burned in two ways. One is through activity (as tracked with the DirectLife Activity Monitor), and the other is through standard body processes (like breathing, food digestion and sleeping)*. When food and drink intake is in balance with calories burned, your weight remains stable. When you burn more calories than taken in, you lose weight and vice versa.

It's important to find the right balance between the calories (energy) you take in and the calories (energy) you burn on a daily basis. The energy balance can be adjusted depending on your weight goal.

Make sure to use My weight to track you weight changes!

* Energy burned through normal body processes is referred to as your resting calories burned (also refered to as your basic metabolic rate or resting energy expenditure). This number varies depending on weight, height, body type and muscle mass. Another type of energy is burned through food diegestion (diet-induced thermogenesis).


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Can others see my weight information?

Only your coach can access your weight information. It is not shared with anyone else and it is not shown in the People view, My community, your profile nor in the Team pages.

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Is my coach a real person or an automated computer program?

You coach is a real person! He or she will be available for you in every step of the process to help you to achieve your goals. Interaction with your coach can create clarity and motivate you to take action.

You are in charge of becoming more fit and improving your health. Your coach will provide a road map by showing you ways to make active choices throughout your day and support you in doing this. You can contact your coach by clicking on the My Coach tab on your personalized, secure DirectLife website.

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What is the DirectLife Coach Blog?

The DirectLife Coach Blog is a blog maintained by our coach Jose. He writes about his experiences as a DirectLife coach, gives tips and shares feedback we receive from other users. Make sure to visit the DirectLife Coach Blog and get inspired.

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My friend recently bought DirectLife online. Can we share our performance results online?

Yes, you can compare your results in My community.  This feature allows DirectLife members to contact and communicate with each other. You can compare goals and motivate each other by sharing tips and ideas.

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The Activity Monitor

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How does the Activity Monitor work?

The Activity Monitor measures body acceleration (speed increase) in three different directions. These measurements are combined with your age, gender, height and weight. The measurements are then converted to energy use, which are the calories you burn in different activities.

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How is the Activity Monitor different from a step counter (pedometer)?

The Activity Monitor measures body acceleration (speed increase) in three different directions. It is also far more accurate at measuring caloric expenditure.

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How do I wear the Activity Monitor without people noticing it?

The Activity Monitor is very small. Place it in a pocket or wear it as a necklace under your top. No one will see it.

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I am a woman, I usually don't have pockets on my clothing. Can I keep the Activity Monitor in my purse?

No, but you can wear it as a pendant around your neck, pinned to your bra, or attached to your belt using the pouch. If possible, wear it the same way every day. Take it off before going to bed.

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Do I have to wear the Activity Monitor when I sleep?

No, you don't. The Activity Monitor only measures body acceleration.

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Is the Activity Monitor waterproof?

Yes, it functions in water depths up to 9.8 feet (3 meters).

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Will the device measure bike riding?

Definitely! We recommend placing your Activity Monitor in your sock or shoe. After rigorous testing we've found this to be the most accurate configuration - just make sure to set your wearing position to 'pocket' in your settings. Now, go ahead and hop on those pedals and enjoy your ride!

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Will the Activity Monitor register my weight lifting exercise or workouts on the elliptical?

Because the Activity Monitor measures acceleration, activities such as weight-lifting or elliptical training which involve muscle tension do not register as well as walking or jogging. However, the scope of DirectLife is to help increase your activity and maintain it at a higher level. For this, the Monitor accurately ascertains caloric expenditure over a longer period of time. Thus, how you go about your daily routine is more important than any specific activity you do.

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Can I let somebody else (for instance my spouse) use my Activity Monitor?

No. Since DirectLife is a personalized service, the Activity Monitor can only be used by one person at a time.

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If I am away from my computer, is it still possible to check my progress?

 Yes, the indicator lights on the Activity Monitor can give you a rough estimate. Place the Activity Monitor firmly on a horizontal surface with the Philips logo face up. Wait and see the green lights switch on. The indicator lights start each day showing zero activity, indicated by zero green lights. Each additional green light brings you closer to your daily 100% activity target.

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Technical Questions

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How long does the Activity Monitor battery work?

When fully charged, the battery lasts a maximum of three weeks. When you upload data, the battery automatically charges itself. If you upload every 2 - 3 days, you can stay aware of your progress and you won't need to worry about re-charging the battery.

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How do I connect the Activity Monitor to my computer?

Follow these steps:

  • Place USB connector into an available computer port
  • Place the Activity Monitor next to USB connector

There is a magnet in the Activity Monitor so it should click into place.

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I have received my Activity Monitor but my computer does not recognize it

This may happen when the DirectLife software is not installed on your computer yet. To download the software, please follow these steps:

  • Log on to the DirectLife website with your email address and password
  • Click 'Download' at the lower end of the page
  • Follow the instructions to download and install the software
  • The software is installed when you see the DirectLife icon in the lower right corner of your screen (Windows) or applications folder (Mac)

Now you can connect the Activity Monitor to your computer and start DirectLife.

If this does not work, please visit our DirectLife Troubleshooting Tool.


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Why am I getting an ‘Error’ screen when connecting my Activity Monitor to my computer?

To find out what is causing this error, please use our DirectLife Troubleshooting Tool.

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Can I use DirectLife with a Mac?

Yes you can, an Apple OSX (10.4 and higher) version is available.

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Can I use DirectLife with Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows ME?

The minimum system requirements are:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or 
  • Mac OS X 10.4.X or 10.5.X
  • An available USB port
  • Internet connection
  • Web browser Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 1.5 or higher

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Customer support questions

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I lost my Activity Monitor. What can I do?

Due to its small size, your Activity Monitor is easy to carry around all day. It is therefore unfortunately also easy to lose. If you have lost yours, make sure you look for it in the following locations:

- Pants or shirt pockets

- Washing machine

- Under your car seats

- Between your couch pillows

- Next to the sink in bathroom

- On the floor next to the toilet

- Attached to your computer at work or at home

- In your sports bag or clothing

- Under your desk or dining room table

If you are unable to find your Activity Monitor and would like to get a new one, please click here.


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Does Philips share my activity data with any third parties? Or my insurance provider?

Philips strongly believes in the protection of your privacy and personal data and we will only use your data as set out in our DirectLife Privacy Notice. In the interest of the coaching services your coach will have access to your data. However, DirectLife coaches are bound by a strict Code of conduct.

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How can I contact DirectLife?

Has the Frequently Asked Questions section not been helpful and do you still have a question, concern or need assistance? Please, do not hesitate to contact us.


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