Get ready to start

When you buy the Starter Package you receive the Activity Monitor. To use the Activity Monitor you first need to activate it on the DirectLife website. Connect your Activity Monitor to your computer and login with your e-mail address and the password you created during your registration. You will be asked to provide some personal details such as your height and weight which are required to accurately calculate your calorie burn. After this, the assessment starts. 

The assessment period

To accurately evaluate your activity level, DirectLife starts with a one week assessment period. This assessment period is meant to give you and your coach a good idea of your current activity and to provide a good basis for creating your personal activity plan. During the assessment period it is important that you follow your regular routines. Make sure to wear the Activity Monitor all day, everyday during the assessment period.

After the assessment

After the assessment has finished, simply connect your Activity Monitor to your computer to see your assessment report. This report shows how your activity level compares to the activity level recommended by organizations such as the World Health Organization. The DirectLife program will then suggest a personalized 12 week activity plan for you. This plan has daily calorie goals that increase slowly week by week. 

Check your progress on the go

Place the Activity Monitor on a horizontal surface. A green light will start flashing. The next green lights will indicate your score so far. The indicator lights start each day showing zero activity, indicated by zero green lights. Each additional green light brings you closer to your target.

Personalized website

Your own personalized website that shows how you’re progressing. View your activity and weight statistics by timescale and effectiveness to identify your strongest points and areas for improvement. Use 'Activity naming' to name what you were doing during a certain interval and your score for that timeslot will be adjusted. Compare results with other DirectLife users to get a peer group impression of your achievements. Connect with other DirectLife users in My community. And access handy hints and tips to get the most out of your DirectLife program.

Your DirectLife coach

Every DirectLife member gets his or her own online personal coach. Your coach can answer your questions, help you tailor your plan, set your goals and give you activity ideas that fit your lifestyle and situation. Just contact your coach and see what he or she can do for you. 

For additional inspiration please visit the DirectLife Coach Blog.