Monitor your progress

DirectLife provides a personalized website where you can see how active you’ve been and monitor progress against your personal plan.

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Access your personalized website

Simply connect the Activity Monitor to your computer to access your personalized website and update it with your latest activity information. We advise you to do so at least once every 3 days to keep track of your activity and to allow (the memory of) your Activity Monitor to operate well.

When you first start using DirectLife, you’ll be asked to enter details about your gender, age, weight and height. DirectLife uses this information to create your personal plan, set your individual goals and accurately translate your daily activity into calories burned.

Check your progress

Your personalized website shows how your actual activity compares to your ongoing target, so you can easily see how well you’re progressing with your personal plan.

Choose how you’d like to see your information, for example by breaking it down into days, weeks or months. You can view by individual activity, by time of day or even by the minute, to learn how much that walk in the park contributed to your target. Use My weight to monitor how your weight changes over time and relate this to your activity levels.

Compare to others and exchange ideas

You can also compare your results with other DirectLife members whose profiles are similar to yours. Or connect and communicate with other DirectLife members in My community. Interact by comparing your goals and motivate each other by sharing tips and ideas.

Continued support

Your DirectLife personalized website includes a Tips section with lots of suggestions for how to be more active at work, at home, with your kids, indoors, outdoors, and at any time of day. It also contains a tool that lets you calculate how many calories you burn when doing specific activities.