Tracks every movement

Your physical activity is recorded using the Activity Monitor. A tiny, unobtrusive device that slips neatly into your pocket or can be worn around your neck or in the handy belt pouch. It’s waterproof up to 3 meter below the water’s surface, so you can even wear it when swimming.

The Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor tracks your body motion every time you move up, down, forwards, backwards and sideways. By measuring the acceleration of these movements, it calculates how much energy you used to make them.

Whether you are walking to the water cooler, climbing the stairs or playing with your kids, the Activity Monitor builds up a complete picture of how active you are throughout the day.

Continual feedback

Your Activity Monitor also measures what you’ve done against your personal daily target. A series of indicator lights on the Activity Monitor show how you’re progressing throughout each day, making it easy for you to keep on track towards your goals.

Easy update

Simply connect the Activity Monitor to your computer to add your activity data from the Activity Monitor to your personalized website where you can monitor your progress.